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All About Eli B

Eli B (El - ee Bee) is an American romance author who lives in Hull, UK with her husband and their cats, Soul and Suki.

Eli has been actively writing since she was 12 but wrote her very first story when she was 10 for a 5th grade English project. Since then, Eli has let her imagination run wild creating her own worlds and characters!

Eli B’s novels and short stories are a celebration of Black women's journeys towards their happily ever afters. Eli B's writing aims to uplift and empower Black women and remind the world that Black women deserve to be cherished and loved. The stories crafted by Eli B serve as a joyous proclamation of the beauty of love stories that centre Black women in contemporary and fantasy settings.

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Contemporary Novels

A struggling author and a prince in hiding fall in love through the power of words and a little fake dating scheme.

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A love story filled with subtle hints of the Myth of Hades and Persephone about two people scarred by trauma and learning to trust and love one another.

A modern retelling of a classic fairy tale in which an American woman is hired by a reclusive lord to manage him and his Scottish manor.

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Fantasy Novels

A caretaker for the supernatural has to come to terms with her powers as a Goddess and reunite with her long-lost love in order to battle God before he destroys Earth and shatters her soul once more.

A slow burn fantasy romance full of magic, shifters, a heavy dose of Cinderella vibes, and a couple whose love could burn brighter than the stars so long as they both believe they’re worthy of it

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A young demon and a witch must bring their classmates together to fight against an evil parasite forcing them apart.

Short Stories

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A devious Goddess has been sent to Earth as punishment to learn humility and correct her behaviour, but the only way to get home is to find her true love in a Terran.

A War God can't remember the Terran that helped him get home. A chance meeting at a Galaxia celebration joggles his memory, but there's more at stake than finding true love.

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Humans are in dire need to save their world from destruction of their own making but what they find to save them isn't what they were expecting and what they take...well, may God have mercy on their souls.

In the midst of battle, two rivals must decide if they can put aside their differences and join forces to defeat those who wish to keep them apart.

Indie Bee Press

Indie Bee Press is Eli B's publishing imprint. If you'd like more information on Indie Bee Press or if you'd like to work with Eli as an editor, cover designer, typesetter, or beta reader feel free to contact Eli at

Currently, Eli is not publishing other authors under this imprint, however she's looking to offer this as a service in the future.

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Novels by Indie Bee Press

Me Too is Indie Bee Press' very first publication and is available in eBook and paperback!

Click on the icon to purchase Me Too!

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Stay in touch with Eli B!

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For booking information, please email Eli B at